H Beam Welding Line
Gantry Welding Machine


Gantry Welding Machine

The gantry welding machine is widely used welding equipment. This machinery usually uses submerged arc welding. And when the machine is in welding work, it is appears that the work piece is fixed while the portable frame moves. 
There is also frequency timing equipped as gantry frame, with welding torches at each 2 groups of guiding column on the beam.
The thirds main device is the electric dynamo driving that used to adjust shifting up and down.
More over, there are also manual adjusting device to adjust shifting left and right, and leading arc device do mechanic tracing to welding seam. This can greatly approve the efficiency for it automatically recycle the flux and save labor.
Main Technical Parameter:

Width of Flange Plate


Height of Ventral Plate


Track Space


Welding Location

Boat-like weld


Both sides

Track Length



By absorbing merits of similar Gantry Welding Machine and using new technology from abroad and China domestic, Wuxi ABK is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the family Gantry Welding Machine products including H-beam (light steel, heavy steel), T-beam welding production line, H-beam flange straightening machine, and steel structure cold roll forming production line as well as CNC waterjet cutting machine. With years development, ABK Gantry Welding Machine have been spread over Saudi Arabia, Russia, Middle Asian, Southeast Asian, Australia, Europe, South American, North American, etc. Look forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.

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