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Tank Horizontal Welding Machine


Tank Horizontal Welding Machine

Overview of Tank Horizontal Welding Machine

CO2 automatic welding trolley is widely used in ships, bridges, locomotives, steel structure, oil and chemical industry, suitable for various welding structure of welding, such as: stiffened plate, floor, cross site welding, box girder welding, and so on. Generally used for rule of the vertical butt welding, butt weld, through the adjustment of the welding torch position and angle can also be horizontal position welding and fillet welding.


KA-H10 is a welding equipment which is used to drive the gear rack and pinion, which is widely used in horizontal and vertical butt welding. It is especially suitable for medium and heavy plate welding and large pipe girth welding. By adjusting the welding torch position and angle, angle can also be welding, horizontal welding and overhead welding, arc welding. The trolley body, the swinging device and the control panel are separated, and can be welded on the track. It is convenient to install and remove the rail with a strong magnet on the workpiece.

Characteristics of Tank Horizontal Welding Machine

1) KA-H10 can achieve vertical welding, horizontal welding, circumferential seam welding and welding and other welding.

2) with linear swing function. The swing mode, the swing amplitude, the swing speed, the center position and the left and right residence time can be adjusted.

3) with digital display car running speed.

4) in order to prevent the phenomenon of undercut and welding, the control function of the left and right swing stopping time is set up.

5) when the torch welding stop automatically revert to the weld center.

6) with automatic stopping function.

7) with current and voltage regulation function and point to move the wire function.

8) with a quick return stroke.

9) standard configuration to provide 1.8m long track. Miniaturization of light moving to facilitate mobile, but also to extend the use of docking.

Advantages of Tank Horizontal Welding Machine:

To reduce the labor intensity, improve the working environment.

To improve work efficiency, is 1.5 times of manual welding.

Avoid human factors caused by the weld quality is bad, generally non-performing rate of manual operation in about 20%, while the use of automatic welding trolley without resulting in the rate of bad welding.

So its comprehensive benefits, than manual welding to improve nearly 200%.

The high degree of automation, to ensure the stability of welding quality.

Don't need very skilled technical workers.

Instruction of Tank Horizontal Welding Machine:


1The DC motor power device of car running. Power supply using AC220V.

2The track: flexible track, there is a rebound, the standard configuration is 2 meters, can extend the use of docking.

3The installation guide: magnet track fixing device. The suction can produce 60Kg, can be firmly adsorbed on the workpiece. With a detachable handle, easy to disassemble and move track.

4Control panel: central control of the car, all the movements are the control.

5The clutch device: trolley track wheel clutch device. When mounting, the handle is screwed to drive the track wheel to open, and the track wheel is locked on the track, and the handle is loosened. When the handle is in a half clutch state, the quick return stroke function can be realized.

6The X-Y fine-tuning slider adjusting mechanism of the torch position. X direction of the adjustment range is + Y, 20mm direction of the adjustment range is + 20mm.

7The swing motor (swing head): drive swinging device. Using high precision DC motor, its power is 6W.

8The welding torch clamp: welding gun clamping device. Can adjust the welding angle adjusting range of plus or minus 90 degrees.

9Clutch: left open to lock, only in the locking state equipment can normally walk, to the right to loosen, can quickly push the equipment to the welding position.

CONTROL of Tank Horizontal Welding Machine:


1"Welded and non welded" switch "welding" position in welding the ready state, press the "start" switch welding; election to "non welding position press the" start "button, the car only walk but not for welding.

(2) the "start" switch: switch on the car began to walk, if at this time "welding / non welding" selection switches are arranged at the welding position welding is started; if this "welding / non welding" selection switch is arranged in the "non welding position is having only a small car to walk but not for welding.

(3) the "stop" button: press the stop switch if the moving car, the car will stop all actions.

(4) the walking direction selection switch: either upward or downward to walk.

(5) walking speed: speed value with digital display, maximum walking speed of 1040mm/min, digital display value is 999.

(6) the current regulation knob: clockwise current increases, the value scale of said maximum scale value is 500.

(7) the voltage adjusting knob: clockwise rotating voltage increases, the value of said scale, the maximum scale value is 48.

(8) a switch: press the switch time of wire.

(9): swing speed adjustment knob clockwise swing speed increases, the maximum value is 1520mm/min. With the scale, the largest scale of 10.

(10): swing adjustment knob clockwise swing amplitude increases, the maximum value is 20mm. With the scale, the largest scale of 10.

(11) stop time adjustment knob: adjust range is 0~2S, clockwise.

(12) the right stop time adjustment knob: range is 0~2S, clockwise increases.

(13) center moved to adjust knob: Shun clockwise rotation center will be shifted to the right, inverse clockwise rotation center is shifted to the left and moving maximum range is + 5mm. The maximum scale value is 5.

(14) the choice of the swing mode knob: use this knob to select the swing mode, the car's swing mode has five kinds, in addition to the first one for non swing mode, the rest are as follows


Paramater of Tank Horizontal Welding Machine:





AC 220V50/60Hz


500 x355 x 243






Move speed


Digital display

Torch adjust



Front Back




Move angle




Detachable magnet


42×29.3 ×1800


















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