Pipe/Tank Welding Machine
All Position Automatic Welding Machine



1. Structure overview and description

All position automatic welding machine for pipeline is composed of four parts: control system, welding trolley, welding power supply, wire feeding device and fittings.

• Control system function of all position automatic welding machine for pipeline:

Switch key: off state, long press 5 seconds boot, boot state long press 5 seconds shutdown

F1 key: press the serial number of the display system

F4 key: turn on the F4 button to press the screen, press the light screen again

Current key: increasing by "+" current, decreasing by "- -" current

Voltage key: increasing by "+" voltage, decreasing by "-" voltage

Wire feed: press start wire feed, release, stop wire feeding

Welding key: press start welding, press again to stop welding

Start key: press the start button, will be set in accordance with the parameters of the operation (swing, welding, trolley walking)

Stop key: press stop button will stop swinging, welding, car walking function

Car control key: press "open" to get off, walk, press "close", car stop

Welding speed key: press "+" car speed increase, press "-" car speed decrease

Positive key: the welding torch rotates clockwise

Reverse key: the torch rotates counter clockwise

Left: move the torch to the left

Right: move the torch to the right

Front key: the car runs forward

Rear key: the car runs backward

Upper key: fine adjustment of welding gun

Lower key: fine adjustment of welding torch

Swing key: the welding gun swings left and right, press again to stop

Swing speed key: press the "+" key to increase the speed of swing, press the "-" key to swing, the speed decreases

Swing width key: press the "+" button to swing wider, press the "-" key to swing the width narrowed

Left Key: press the "+" button to swing, stay on the left for a long time, press the "-" key to swing on the left, the length of stay is short

Right Key: press the "+" button to swing on the right, stay for a long time, press the "-" key to swing on the right, stay short

Step key: press the "+" button in the swing, according to the speed of the left and right quickly, press the "-" key in the swing, according to the speed of the left and right slow

• All position automatic welding machine walking trolley for pipeline

Applicable diameter: more than 130MM

Applicable wall thickness: 4-50MM

Applicable material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, low temperature steel, etc.. [stainless steel has matching track]

Suitable for welding: all kinds of pipe welds, such as pipe - pipe welds, pipe - bend welds, pipe - flange welds, and (if necessary, the use of false pipe transition connection)

Drive system: stepper motor wheel, worm and worm drive

Speed regulation: key add and subtract speed regulation;

Mode of adjustment: electric regulation;

Swing system: the company's proprietary technology products / stepper motor swing;

Control system: the company's proprietary technology products, digital control

• Welding power supply for all position automatic welding machine of pipeline


M 350A

M 500A

Supply voltage

3-phase,50/60 Hz



Rated power at maximum current

60% ED



100% ED



Supply current

It max



It effective value



Output (40 degrees Celsius)

60% ED



100% Temporary load rate



Fuse (delay)



Open circuit voltage



Power factor 60%



Power 100%



Welding range



External size







EMC class


Protection level



Gas heating connection



The control panel provides the following control functions:

1.ON/OFF indicator

2. overheating indicator

3.MANUAL or AUTOMATIC mode selection

4. selection of wire material type (unified mode)

5. wire diameter selection (unified mode)

6. protection gas selection (unified mode)

7. function selection of arc filling pit

8. protection gas detection

9. display

10. select current / feed speed display (unified mode)

11. select the 2T/4T torch operation mode

12. setting knob for adjusting wire feed speed or welding current (only for arc filling pit)

13. setting knob for voltage or arc length (only for arc filling pit)

• Wire feeding device for all position automatic welding machine of pipeline

Wire feeder can use 0.8 to 1.6 mm diameter filler wire, the diameter of wire plate can be as high as 300, wide 105mm. When choosing filling wire, remember that the melting point of welding wire is approximately the same as that of welding base material.

Be careful When replacing the filler wire, be sure to check the shape of the wire feed wheel, the wire roller groove, the size, and whether the wire guide tube matches the wire used. It is also necessary to check whether the polarity used is applicable to the filler wire.

The user can adjust the pressure of the feeding wheel on the wire feeding mechanism so as to make the filling wire smoothly and smoothly enter the wire guide tube and the welding torch.

If you need to increase the wire wheel pressure, you can turn the black pressure control knob clockwise.

If you need to reduce the wire feed pressure, you can turn the black pressure adjustment knob counter clockwise.

The adjusting knob is engraved with the pressure regulating range. The greater the pressure applied, the more striking the scale indicated.

For hard carbon steel and stainless steel filler wire, make sure the set pressure is large enough to prevent the filling wire from falling out of the wire feed wheel.

Be careful Too much pressure will lead to deformation and damage of the filler wire, and it will also cause friction or damage to the drive wheel bearing, thus shortening its service life. There are two grooves in different sizes in the drive wheel. The user can open the fastening screw of the driving wheel and the groove needed for the rotation of the rotating driving wheel. The usual groove faces outward.

2. Operation procedure

1) Place welding car on pipe or workpiece and add two lines;

2) Press the drop button on the remote control panel on the operating panel. After the torch is separated from the workpiece 10-15mm (usually 10 times of the wire)

3) Press the buttons on the remote control panel to push up or down;

4) Press the button to swing on the remote control box, look at the weld torch swing width; such as swing swing speed or width is not enough about the timing is not enough, according to the swing speed, swing width on the remote control box, left, right and to adjust

5) The welding current, voltage, and the speed of the welding trolley are adjusted to the numerical value of the process parameters;

6) According to the groove width of the weldment, determine whether to swing (groove width, press the swing button, adjust the swing speed, swing width, left and right timing, narrow groove, adjustable, small swing or non swinging welding);

7) Press the direction of welding, press the box on the positive and reverse, to be welded car rotation, press the welding key;

8) Before welding, there are three steps. First, adjust the swing parameters and the height of the welding torch; second adjust the parameters of the car and walk; third, adjust the current and voltage in welding;

9) In the welding process, notice whether the welding gun is aligned with the welding center. 10) If there is deviation, adjust the welding torch in time;

11)If the torch to the left, press the remote control box to adjust the right; to the right, press the remote control box to adjust the left; [welding car in the opposite direction, the side of the anti regulation]

12) After welding, remove the welding car and clean the weld surface.


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